Food & Water First Handbook

Welcome to the Food & Water First Handbook

Ontario is losing the equivalent of 175 acres of farmland per day, a rate equal to the loss of 2 million acres by the year 2050.  Without farmland Ontario farmers will not be able to feed Ontario’s population.  The problem gets worse when you consider Ontario accounts for 8% of Canada’s farmland. (source)

So what can we do about it?

  • We can value our prime farmland and stop it from being indiscriminately developed and extracted.
  • We can appreciate the quality and quantity of water that makes our food land viable.
  • We can support expansion of the Greenbelt and the Bluebelt.

We ask you to reach out to the decision-makers in Ontario’s Legislature — our elected Ministers of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) — to ensure they are aware of the magnitude of the problem.

With the federal election scheduled for October 21, 2019, now is the time to start the conversation.  Click here for talking points.

Click here to listen to Food & Water First’s Shirley Boxem’s food for thought speech  (8 mins) 

Click here for Ontario Election Watch 2018 — what did our candidates say?

We need to protect local farmland and clean water for today, tomorrow and for future generations.

Today’s decisions are our legacy.

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