Climate Change

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Climate Change is Happening

There is general consensus among scientists, industry and world leaders that climate change is happening.

In fact, there is a rush to identify and grab the business opportunities that climate change may generate.

For instance, the seven countries bordering the Arctic circle (Russia, Norway, USA, Denmark (Greenland), Canada, Finland, Iceland and Sweden) all lay claim to the transportation corridors that will be available when the arctic ice melts.

Offshore oil and gas exploration and other resource extraction licences are already being sought in that area.

There is also a rush to identify the threats that the countries of the world may have to address.

Insurance companies are busy analyzing and adjusting their cost models for what they assume will come (extreme weather conditions — floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, possibly earthquakes and volcanic activity).

Global agriculture is expected to face uncertainties and challenges due to climate change.

Wayne Caldwell, Stew Hilts, and Bronwynne Wilton write in “Farmland Preservation: Land for Future Generations“:

“Arid regions of the world in particular are facing increase drought conditions, while other regions are experiencing unusual local weather patterns and extreme weather events such as floods and prolonged periods of high temperatures.  This global uncertainty places additional pressure on regions such as Canada (in particular Ontario, with its high-quality agricultural lands and favourable climatic conditions) to protect this valuable resource for future generations.”


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