Endangered Farmland


Ontario is losing farmland at a rate equivalent to 175 acres per day.

While people look around Ontario’s countryside and see lots of green space, in actual fact there is limited availability of good farmland.  The further north you go, the fewer crops can be grown due to shorter growing season and lower temperatures.  Not all farmland is classified as “prime”.  (Click here for more about farmland classification.)

In truth, the best farmland in Ontario is buried under the Greater Toronto Area.

Also, other countries are fighting the same “preserve our farmland” battles.  They are under the same pressure as us to develop industries, residences, and resource extraction sites on their prime farmland.

See AO News: Farming in Other Countries

In other words, there is a finite amount of farmland — locally and globally.

So will we always be able to import food from somewhere else?  Well, that depends on:

  • whether that country can afford to export (are they exporting at the expense of their own population?),
  • whether that country wants to export to us,
  • whether that country has the products we want,
  • whether we want to be reliant on that country.


It is always better to be reliant only on ourselves.

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