Farmland Preservation

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So why do we need to preserve farmland?  After all food can be grown indoors.

There are greenhouses, roof top gardens, hydroponics, aquaponics, weather control and new technologies every day.

For example:

Huffington Post – Montreal IGA Says It’s 1st Supermarket In Canada To Sell Produce Grown On Roof

Having so many types of food production is terrific because there are more than 36 million mouths to feed in Canada alone, and there will be many more in the future.

But putting all eggs in one basket is never wise, and limiting our options for food production by re-purposing prime farmland for non-food use is short-sighted.  We don’t know what might hit down the road.

Also giving up land to work indoors puts more onus on the technology of farming including GMOs.

Farmland Preservation Programs

Given the political will, there are successful preservation programs.

For example:

MassLive – Farmland program turns 40 with 73,000 acres preserved across Massachusetts, USA


“Farmland preservation is about protecting the agricultural land base for future generations.  This need for protection is driven by uncertainty caused by climate change, population growth, food security, energy availability, and a host of other local and global factors.  This uncertainty means that there is an ever-growing responsibility to ensure that the actions of today do not compromise the needs of future generations.”

Wayne Caldwell, Stew Hilts, and Bronwynne Wilton, “Farmland Preservation:  Land for Future Generations”

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