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About Food & Water First

Food & Water First is a movement dedicated to protecting Ontario’s prime farmland and source water regions. We are rural and urban citizens who understand that our province’s rare agricultural soils and water resources provide us with a great bounty that must be preserved. We encourage the Ontario government to adopt a Food & Water First policy so our vital agricultural sector and source water regions are given priority in land-use planning. 




Short Description:

Food & Water First says land use planning in Ontario must prioritize food land & source water before development. Protect tomorrow by starting the conversation today. #FoodAndWaterFirst

According to the 2011/16 census, Ontario is losing the equivalent of 175 acres of farmland every day — a significant improvement over the 2006/11 census, which measured the loss at 350 acres per day, but is still far too much. (source)



Do you support preserving Ontario’s prime farmland?

Do you support the Greenbelt?

How do propose to preserve Ontario’s prime farmland?

How do propose to protect Ontario’s source water areas?

Have you or will you take the Food and Water First pledge?

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ON needs a policy statement to #ProtectPrimeFarmland #ONpoli #ONag

ON’s land use planning puts development before food & water. Talk to your MPP #Election2018 #FoodAndWaterFirst #ProtectOurWater #ProtectPrimeFarmland

ON’s farmland & water at risk for the future – contact your MPP #ProtectOurWater #ProtectPrimeFarmland  #FoodAndWaterFirst

9 billion people by 2050 is a lot of mouths to feed #ProtectPrimeFarmland #ProtectOurWater #FoodAndWaterFirst

Proud to be a NIMBY #ProtectPrimeFarmland #ProtectOurWater #FoodAndWaterFirst

Ontario’s land use planning values development over food land & source water.  This short-term thinking jeopardizes future generations.  Let’s elect MPPs who see the problem and think long-term.  #FoodAndWaterFirst



Canada needs a policy statement to #ProtectPrimeFarmland #Cdnpoli #ONag


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